Missing Cannes (France) Animal print top

Every time I wear this top, I think of Cannes, France.  When I travel, I love shopping for clothes, shoes….anything will do.  It could be just a scarf or a necklace.  I have to bring something home that will always remind me of the place I visited.  I remember it like today when I bought this top in Cannes (France).  I absolutely adore south of France.  It is unique, relaxing and fun place.  Can’t wait to return.  I often pair up the top with different shoes and accessories.

This is the classic look with heels.

ld - 1 cop

At times I like to pair it with my Jean Boots.ld - 2 cop2

This is an ultimate “comfort” look for “on the go”.

ld - 3 cop

ld - 4 cop