Story of a Denim JACKET

I was playing in my closet (as I do quite often) and attempting a much needed clean up.  Attempting is the key word.  It is very hard for me to discard any piece of my clothing.  While I was doing that, I came across an older denim jacket.  I remember, I used to wear it all the time.  I pulled it from the back of my closet to the front and decided I am going to wear it next time I will go out.  It so happens, I had plenty occasions.

Here are 3 looks I wore recently using the same denim jacket.

I can’t decide which look is my favorite.  Perhaps you can let me know :o)



I needed a jacket meeting friends for dinner, so I pair it up with my favorite black skirt.


My third look is casual.  My Bohemian sleeve tops came in very handy.