Fashion Idea for Your Ripped Denim!

Most women have their favorite Fashion style: Casual, Sexy, Preppy, Elegant, Bohemian, Girly, Cow Girl, Punk, Artsy, Businesswise, Tomboy…  I do not have specific style.  Sometimes I dress Preppy, at times I dress Elegant or Bohemian…and sometimes I look like a Tomboy.  Yesterday, was a “Ripped Jeans” Day.  When my friend came to this photo shoot, she asked: “What’s with the ripped jeans”?  She did not recall seeing me in “ripped” jeans before.  Well, I do wear them.  Not often, but I do.  She also commented on how my top’s red accent color matched my jeans red patches.

This gave me an idea: matching the color of your top with your jeans (ripped patched areas).  I had an older pair of Jeans and I made few holes.  I visited my local fabric store and purchased several fabric scraps in different colors.  I filled the patches with the same fabric color as my top.  I wanted to be able to use the same jeans with multiple tops.  As you will see on the bottom of the post, I played with 3 different colored tops and filled the jeans holes with corresponding fabric colors.  To attach the fabric pieces, you have couple of options – safety pins or doubles sided fabric tape.  Attaching corners of the patches to the jeans with needle and thread would also work (light stitching that can be easily removed).  Attaching the fabric pieces works best if you invert the jeans.  Have fun!

1st photo2nd photo3rd photo4th photo5th photolast photo - on the bottom of the post